Doom 3 F.A.Q.

1. Computer recommended for Doom 3 is?

1.5 GHz CPU
192 MB RAM
64 MB 3D graphic card (at least GeForce3/GeForce 4 MX)


512 MB RAM
Radeon 9800 3D graphic card
5-channel sound card with speakers

2. Where can I get Doom 3?

At your local software distributor. You can also try, and similar things. Don't send me questions like, 'where can I get pirated Doom 3'!

3. Cheats for Doom 3 ?

avidemo - saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
benchmark - game benchmark
doomhell - skip all levels to last
freeze - freeze all on screen
gfxinfo - graphics card infomation
god - god mode
noclip - no clipping mode
notarget - invisibility to most enemies
give all -f ull load of weapons and ammo
give doom95 - load the '95 version of Doom
give keys - acquire all the keys you'll ever need
give weapon_machinegun - gives you the machinegun
give weapon_shotgun - gives you the shotgun
give weapon_plasmagun - gives you the plasmagun
give weapon_bfg - gives you the BFG
give weapon_chainsaw - gives you the chainsaw
give weapon_rocketlauncher - gives you the rocket launcher
status - your game status
quit - quit aka Exit

If you have any other questions send me e-mail

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