How to play Doom 1 or 2 online?

To play Doom online you will need copy of Doom 1 or Doom 2. You can buy it on Steam for 10$ each.

Let's assume you now have Doom so you should visit ZDaemon and download latest ZDaemon client.

Now, you have everything you need to play Doom online.

  • 1. Install ZDaemon (eg. C:\ZDaemon)
  • 2. Copy DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD to "C:\ZDaemon\Wads" directory
  • 3. Launch ZDaemon: START -> Programs -> ZDaemon -> Game Launcher, or just click ZDaemon icon on your Desktop :)
  • 4. Enter desired nickname and password. You will have to agree on terms (cheating/hacking/nice behaviour)
  • Program will probably ask you if you want to update ZDaemon, just answer Yes/OK.
  • 5. Pick a server with low ping or with players in it and start fragging :)

ZDaemon has built in chat so all players are in main channel called #zdplayers, but all you have to do is to click on blue icon CHAT and ask for a game! There are plenty of players online and you will not have to wait for a game.

Doom Croatia has its own channel #croatia so you are free to join in, click Settings -> Chat -> Extra Channels, enter #croatia and click OK (restart ZDaemon)

Croatian players: Sedlo (Najo), fx02 (konzum), ZAP-Saint (Msesar), LLio, octopus, psy-mushroom, isus_in_black., max, ...

Doom Croatia runs several ZDaemon servers which are easy to find, just search for in the name of the server.

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