Marijo Sedlić

Marijo Sedlic

Hi! Tell us Your name.

Marijo Sedlić

Where are you from?

Gornje Vrapče, Zagreb, Croatia

Tell us something about yourself.

Ok, I'm born on 24th, January 1980, so I'm spoiling this world for 23 years already ;), living in Zagreb, Croatia. Curently I'm working in a small private company which is dealing with central heating & ventilation (cooling) systems. With Doom I met far 1995 and since then it was my sweetest hoby till several months ago. Dunno, what else should I say that may be 'important'.

Tell us something about your family.

Well, I live with my parents and my older brother. My father is 55 years old, and he's working in pharmaceutic firm "Pliva", and my mother (50) is in retirment. My brother is mentally ill since he's born, and really I don't know how should I describe his state, but anyway he's the person I love most on this world. That's probably it. About my parents and doom ... they always tought that I'm foolish since I spent so much time on it :)

Since you're leaving Doom tell us wich maps were your favourite? Singleplayer & multiplayer, ofcourse.

Singleplayer - Doom2 MAP24...

Deathmatch - Doom2 MAP01...

Those two were in the top for those categories (singleplayer, multiplayer). To count them all would last, since I've played at least a thousand maps in my carier, and many of them were real peace of art.

Why did you like those maps?

Map24- estonish design, which made speedrun *really* bloddy challanging. And after many uncounted hours I spent on it, I never got bored there.

Map01- the best map of all time for deathmatch, that's all I need to say, right? ...NOTE! Kids, it's all just a metter of taste.

Did you ever wanted to make a map which would be perfect?

No, I never saw myself doing that stuff. I belive that for building such a things you need a lot of patience and hard work and I really admire to peoples who create maps. I always felt it's too big cake for me, since I'm just a lazy ass ;).

Is there some special demo (or more) which you would like to tell us to watch for?

Well, maybe few single player achivements since I have to admit that I don't know which deathmatch demos would I pick, in my carier I have played who knows how much games .. it looks so minor if I say around ~10000 games, maybe if I would add another zero ... :) So, my sweetest single player achievements, and ofcourse hardest demos I made. On the first place my favourite demo of all I made is lv24-036. Then some 'almost equal' hard achievements, lv07-006, pl17-008, e3m2-012, u4m3-008, lv03-019, lv14-020, lv19-036. So, if you didn't saw those demos, and you don't have anything smarter to do, you can check them out. We are talking about Deathmatch now, so tell us, or better, count the players that would make a dream team lan party of all times. I have to admit that my biggest wish was trip to meet&play my big net friends Anders Johansen & Hening Skogsto., and I'm really sorry that it never happened:( So, they would be for sure in this dream team....about others, ofcourse Ocelot, you dammit ;), Mihha, German Dasa, Sslasher, Galiu, Dominus, Devastation, NC_DS, Zdaemon legend...Chewy, and magical CZ brothers...Titan & Raiderr. This crowd would make one hellish lan party, don't ya think? :)

Marijo Sedlic

Why are you leaving, are you leaving computer world, games or just doom?

Simply said...I'm leaving becouse I had it enough :) I wouldn't make sense to bother you with all my feelings, since it would be too long story...raughly sed, I'm without any desire to play it further more, I did all I wanted in this game during all those years. About other games and I'm not leaving it...just doom:/

With what will you replace all the time you where spending on doom?

When I was erasing all Doom stuff from my computer month ago (2003/04) I felt strange. At that point I was thinking what will I do with all that time I have. Honestly, I was petrified that I'll get bored, but I can't describe you really how good I feel today. I spend all that time mostly on my privet life, and I'm enjoying every second. I always have something to do, actually I even don't have enough time for all the things I'd like to do. So, a month later I can say that I haven't regret a single sec about what I did with doom, becouse today, on the end of the day (right before sleep) I feel like I had completly interesting day (with doom, last few months I felt like I had blank holes in my days...that holes was time I spent on doom:(! If there's enyone still thinking that this is again one of 'my yellow moments' they should think again :)

What should be changed to have you back in doom (deathmatch ofcourse)?

Nothing, since nothing can change my decision now. After this short time I already feel like I played doom in some other life, or like some old memory from my childhood, ya know the was nice and all but you overgrowned it (don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to say that doom is immature's just comparison).

How long have you been involved with doom?

8 long years but it's nice to remember those days today...since I had alot of fun moments & happenings and I really don't think now that it was all waste of time. It was great while it last, I'll remember those days forever.

What Doom had? What's the reason to play it so much?

In Doom I found myself, what can I say more. I really don't know how to explain main reason.

If somebody would organize some big lan party with your dream team, would you join?

Ofcourse I would!

Would you play there or ...?

I would join just becouse of company and to meet them in real life. I doubt that I would play but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be fun.

What are your thougts about ZDaemon, CCdoom, Skulltag, Zone? Is there future in it? What would you like to see in some new versions of them?

About CSdoom & skulltag I can't tell much couse I haven't played 'em for real. I think Zdeamon has a future, since there are alot of new players coming into it constantly, and there is already pretty crowdy. In future I hope that they'll fix alot of bugs in client. NOTE! I played constantly Zdaemon last few months and since I'm really honest today I decided to admit something. I fooled a lot in zdaemon with fake nicks and with one fake I maybe fooled too much. That fake was CoolxG, think I decived few players with it..since while I played under that fake I never admited truth when someone asked me about identity, I lied as bitch :) but heck it was fun as hell ;). My other zdaemon fakes which I remember were...Blood(Zap), Wind, Spiderman, Rock, Guess, Steel. Now onto one mo' fake shit since I'm already on this subject...this time involving c-n, I did n2m5 under "Mummi" fake (I didn't had anything to do with other Mummy demos btw)(other thing, Adam_H contacted me same day, he wasn't happy about it...and I agree with him...he tries to have things in right order...and that thing I did was immature and I regret it today)...that was just to see how will xit react back I made a demo that looks beatable (actually it's perfectly beatable, but still ya gotta be tha man to pull it off :), still waiting for thing xit promised when we talked about it, ofcourse he didn't knew it was me back then (sorry xit :). Anyway that all about this 'fake' fooling around thingies, except this I was always honest and open person, atleast I hope so.

Tell us something about Adam Hegyi.

Great men, I met him in real life and I respect him as a person and a COMPET-N admin, oaze for every doomer who likes single player!

Is it true that you smoked joint?

Hah, bastard :). You know I did, I guess with this question you wanna test my honesty :)...I tried it with 18 years and dealed with it for few months really often, until I stopped it just like that. Some of my past friends tried to urge me back to it but I didn't 'smoke' from that day. I don't think anythink bad about people 'smoking', everybody has a right to do whatever he want to, anyway I know alot of good people who enjoy it, I had bad experience with it and I feel good I stopped it, no regrets!

Your favourite beer?

Stella Artoa

Your favourite actual babe? (Which would you pick for a wife, and which just for a sex simbol?)

Meg Ryan :)...that sweet little babe is just so irresistible to me, her I would like to 'marry'( so Maggy dear, if ya somehow read me...I'll take good care of ya :)... and a sex simbol...hmm...Jenifer Lopez, Carmen Electra...

Do you have a girl? Any progress?

Working on it ... since I have alot of free time I'm much more in it...and I must admit I have few options atm. Really ... I just don't know which one to pick.... :)

Did you ever drive a car when you were drunk? How fast did you drive?

Yup, only 170 km/h, since thats the top limit for my small Reanult Clio :). When I'm drunk I drive like a madman, that pedal is just too damn short every time, I'll have to calm down a bit with that...after all you are a good example what can happen if ya jurk around with driving too much ;))

Marijo Sedlic

Do you care for your future? Where do you see yourself for 10 years?

I worry just too much about that, I think about it every single day... For 10 years I see myself surrounded with my kids and in hug of my sweet gentle women (at least that's what i'm dreaming of :), ofcourse safely employed, etc. etc.

Do you watch cartoons? Movies? Which?

I watch almost everything, cartoons..."South park, Ice Age" ...movies "Legenda o jeseni, Green Mile, Good Will Hunting, Man of Honor, Seven, You got mail..."

What music do you listen? Why?

I listen almost every genre all depends about my mood. Sometimes I need something to relax a bit, sometimes to speed up, ...mainly music to me is thing for fixing my curent mood (from bad to good)...aside genre, if ya like how it sound thats all that matters.

Did you ever lie to get yourself out form some trouble?

Ofcourse, ... who didn't :)

Hmmm, did you ever cheated in doom? ;)

Never, in all my carrier I didn't think about it for a single I can say proudly that everything I did was with using my skill only If ya cheat, whats the purpose of your playing...goal of playing is challange, and where is challange if ya use cheats??...I maybe worked hard to make some things but atleast I have something to remember proudly...and to all cheater asses...what ya got bitches???

And if you could would you cheat?

No, as I already explained.

Do you use "IDKFA" ever? Why? (If you do)

I used it, mainly for deathmatch warmups, or for training some singleplayer challenges.

Do you belive in justice?

Yes, I could be very naive tho :)

Looking all that MAP24 demos you made, a normal guy would say,'he's mad', 'really stubborn', or something like that, well tell us what do you think about that?

As I already said, all hard shits I pulled off in my carier makes me proud. To somebody it can looks crazy or something but I belive that best way is following your dreams and trying to acomplish your personal goals. I always tried to reach limits in everything I tried, after all if ya know you can do something...why not trying to reach your limits?...why making you're selfe satisfied with avarage scores? stuborn folks...with this way you can make special things (things's you'll remember for a long time) as I did.

What would you like to say to Anders Johansen?

Andy is great person and doom player, in all this years he becamed one of my best net friends. When he left the game Doom suffered great loss but Andy has my full support couse I understand him completly. It's a shame that doom affected so much his real life, but I know he will fix it in future.

Anders: Live the way you think is best, my friend. Thats most important!

If you could where would you love to travel?

Hm, dunno ... I'd love to visit many places on earth.

Do you like fast cars, and wich one would you get if you could?

Ugh like them a lot, always paying attention to news about ' my favs...Ferari 360 spider...Aston MArtin Vanquish...

If someone stops you on the road and ask you for a 1$, what would you do?

It all depends who stopes me :). If it would be some hot chick I would give her a lot more than just a $ :).

If you would meet Phyton in real life on street what would you say to him?

I would say hello on the first place and probably laugh or something. I don't know...silly question :).

What do you think about Croatian Doomers?

Not many left of them.. but once, Croatia was something in the world, belive me.

Mihha, Saint, Biolio, Bagic. Does this mean something to you?

Ofcourse...Croatian Doomers...big shots in the past. Unfortunately they don't play anymore... Mihha is the one who showed me doom...and once he was dominating over Croatia in Deathmatch, and I suppose he was one of the best in the whole world, no matter that world maybe wasn't aware of him back then. He teached me the basics of deathmatch.

Do you have a hobi?

Before I spend much time with basketball..but just as a hobi, I was in love to that sport. Much more than doom ever imo. With years tho I simply stopped playing it so much, but it's still with me... I play it from time to time, rearly tho. Yeah...I collected beer bottles for some time, till two years ago when I just blew one day and throw them all in garbage can :) Today I'm collecting only original VHS movies...well, not so active but...I'm trying to get all TOP movies, so curently I have around 40 of them, and mainly movies I like best.

What else do you love to play except doom?

Heroes of Might and Magic 3, NFS series, QuakeWorld

What are your thougts about computers, internet & online gaming today?

It's all going just too fast (hyper speed)...normal guy just can't follow all those new things on the market. Ofcourse I support all computers means new good things. About the internet, I was waiting really long for my DSL connection and today after almoust a year of having it only thing I can say is that it worthed every minute of waiting....and I'd love to get a faster one in the future...but for that you need much more money :), so I can only wait again :). Online gaming is awsome thing if you have such a connection (T1)...since the internet is crowded with people, you will always find what you're looking for.

Do you have a mobile phone, which?

Nokia 3310

Do you love sea, swimming, nature, walking?

Yes I do, but I don't have too much time for that since I work mostly all days and on weakends I always have some other things to do. So basicly I'm waiting for vacation to do that :).

Since you love basketball, who is your favourite for NBA 2003 finals?

Well, "San Antonio Spurs" have advantage but I would still bet on "LA Lakers"...I don't belive that east have too many chances in NBA finals, so Kobe & Shaq will probably have many reasons to get drunk again :) {!UPDATE! Hehe, well I was very wrong back then when I wrote original thingy, but well Spurs showed once again that you can never be too sure in NBA as in real life too :)!

Marijo Sedlic

Do you have some other occupation in sports?

Not really, I like to watch Formula 1, Tenis...sometimes I like to play pool, but basketball was always my only thing.

Do you have some life regrets?

Ofcourse, who doesn't? But nothing involved with Doom.

If you could change something, what would you change in your past?

Well, I would try to catch some things that simply sliped besides me, and again it's not doom related. About Doom, dunno if I would change something in general.

How do you feel like a one of the best players on the world. Or maybe you are the best on the world?

I don't know how to answer this one, but I know I won't even pay attention on second part of question. Some answers we will never find out and I accepted that fact years ago. All that matters is that I had fun and I always tried to do "something".

Marijo Sedlic

Will you try to acomplish the same in QuakeWorld like in Doom? What about Quake 2, Quake 3?

Dunno, If I'll ever be so involved with any game like I was with doom. I started playing qw online, and it'f fun couse it's new, but I don't like it as I once liked doom...that most defenetly.

What about Doom 3, will you try it?

Don't belive so. I saw some movies, screenshots. It all looks nice, really nice, but I don't think I'll spend a cent for buying a new PC just to play that fucking game ;) Just not interesting me that much. After all I never payed to much attention on flasy graphics...will see yet about doom3 gameplay but I seriously doubt it will be anything close to old doom.

Last message to all Doomers?

I hope ya all will keep this game alive for many more years. Fact that I feel too old and without will to play it anymore doesn't mean I have bad feelings about it. I will always have good memories from my doom days and thats why it worthed. So your own memories...if ya have fun nothing else matters !

Thank you for pointing all that to us, Sedlo! I hope you won't forget us (Doom comunity)!

I'll never forget any of ya. I wonder if someone is still reading this since it's really long one, and probably most boring shit you ever red but in any case thank you for your attention and stay well folks!

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