Tomislav Mihalić

Hi, tell us your full name :

Tomislav Mihalić

Hey, where do you live?

Zaprešić, Hrvatska

And how old are you?


How long do you play Doom?

For years ..., now I play it once in 3 months.

Why did you start to play it?

It was *really* interesting the begining of playing Doom becouse it was definitely the best 3D game I could play on my 486 DX2 66... And when I saw multiplayer option, man ... that was a perfect expirience, just a perfect feeling.

Do you still play Doom?


What does Doom have that other games doesn't if you like(ed) it?

The best feeling I can get is when I hit some player with Super Shotgun, and that he felt it with full strenght... Other games doesn't have that, and the energy you can feel when running all over... In these new games you can watch up & down, shot his ass, leg, head or something but with that you will loose some style that gaves Doom special feeling... when you are playing you must be intellegent, not just to have skill or memory.... well 3D Tetris is not the same as 2D Tetris... 2D tetris is the legend.

Did you made any maps / demos / stuff for it, where can that be found?

Different Doom fans collect all those demos & maps, so you should ask them for those things (that all will make you more inteligent) :) hehehe.

What do you think about Doom now?

Doom is a legend, you can still play it, but you must not take it too serious...

What is (or was) your favourite map(s) [single, dm, ... max. 3 maps]?

MAP01, MAP07, JUDAS_23...

Your favourite megawad(s) [single, dm, ... max. 2 megawads]?

DWANGO5, DOOM2.WAD :) hehe

What does your parents think about Doom?

Son, when will you grow up and do something concrete... but with time they found out that I learned something from all that....

Do you think that Doom should be forbidden for kids?

Yes, till 18 years or until you can see that kid is grown enought, or until you can see that child is stable enought to understand some things.

What do you think about Doom 3, and what are you expecting from it?

I don't expect anything. It's stupid to expect.

When Doom 3 will be out will you play it?

If it will be good as Doom 2 :)

Is Id Software making games too fast? I mean the period between releasing quake 1,2,3 is very small.

Well, I would love to see only one Quake and that everything is based on it... but until they won't make a good one (quake)... let them work a whole Quake serial...

Your PC configuration is?

Pentium 400 Celeron, 64 MB, RIVA TNT 2 M64.

If you wan't attach your Doom 1, 2 & Quake 1, 2, 3 config to email.

Nope, no worth of it... :)

Do you play Quake 1, 2, 3 [Singleplayer, Deathmatch, Team Fortres, Capture The Flag, ...]?

Well, sometimes, but rare...

Do you play any other games? Wich ones?

Yes... but I always play old games 'couse old games are made with much more imagination...

If you would win some CPL what would you want for a prize?

Signature of an old Doom player Fljamur... this is a joke, isn't it?

Will you continue to play games after you reach 30?

I will die with 26. But I will play ... if not Doom, then Quake 11.

What would you say to me if you see me in real life first time?

Zvonko! That pupet small drives a real car... (fx : Croatian joke btw.)

Did you watch the movie 'Everybody's crazy about Mary? Do you like the movie?

Nope, I didn't...

How are you wasting your free time?

Thinking what is good, and what isn't ... pure etic... and I listen music :)=

Do you have a job? Which one?


Do you love pizza, if you do, wich one?

Yeeessss ..... Contesa & Quatro Staggioni...

Do you drink alot?


What's your favourite drink & food?

Hmm ... I never tought about that ...

What do you think about Grenpeace, WTO and EU?

Greenpeace, rulz :)

What's your favourite color, number? Why is it your favourite?

Dark green, blue.....

Why are you lookin down when you are lying?

Becouse, if my nose grow up, I won't stab my companion I'm lying to...

When did you wear your jeans last time?

Right now.

Do you think about those things you wrote up here?

I'm thinking about you... are you crazy or something?

Add here anything you like ...

I would add an banana.

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